"People who live between Velas and Fajã das Almas are being advised to move from their homes, especially people with reduced mobility, people dependent on third parties for their basic activities, people living in buildings without earthquake safety and residents in areas close to slopes or cliffs that are particularly dangerous for landslides", said Clélio Meneses.

Since Saturday, there have been more than 2,000 earthquakes on the island of São Jorge, 142 of which have been felt by the population.

The Regional Government has already transferred patients hospitalised at the Velas Health Centre to the Calheta Health Center, on the other end of the island.

The official stressed that “there is no certainty that there will be” a volcanic eruption, but said that the seismic crisis is being monitored.

“We are monitoring the situation by the minute and any change in status will be immediately communicated, at any time”, he stressed.