If you are interested in purchasing the shares of Alibaba, you ought to have gone through the Baba stock forecast as it will guide you on whether to purchase or not. If you are a newbie and do not know how to buy Alibaba stock, this guide will help you.

Steps for buying Alibaba shares

After doing your research and considering the Baba stock forecast and you are satisfied with the trajectory of the company, then you can buy Alibaba stock. However, to do that, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Associate with a good brokerage company

  • Open an investment account

  • Deposit into the investment account

  • Purchase the stock

  • Evaluate your position

Associate with a Good Brokerage Company

Before you can buy Alibaba stock, you need to associate yourself with a brokerage company. It would be best to research the brokerage companies before registering with them because some brokers do not offer the option of buying Alibaba stock.

If Alibaba stock is your goal, you should register with a brokerage company that can make it a reality. Also, when researching the brokers, you should consider the fee they charge because using some brokers requires paying a huge amount of money. Likewise, you can register and use some brokers without spending a dime.

Ensuring the trading platform of the brokerage company is user-friendly is paramount if you are going to be the one placing the orders yourself.

Open an Investment Account

After selecting the brokerage company that suits you, the next thing is opening an investment account. Opening an investment account does not require physical presence; the process is akin to when you open a traditional bank account.

The rate at which brokerage companies process the opening of account requests differ. Some might take a few days to open, whereas some will create an account for you within 24 hours. The investment account is needed for storing shares purchased online.

Deposit into the Investment Account

Before buying the company's share, you must pay a specific amount based on the market valuation. Depositing into the account created with the brokerage company is essential. Therefore, when registering with a brokerage company, ensure the broker accepts the means of depositing you will be using. Different means of online payment are acceptable such as bank transfer, PayPal, and debit or credit cards.

Purchase the Stock

If you are placing the orders yourself, you need to go to the trading platform of the brokerage company you registered with and search for the stock you are interested in. After displaying the store, you will have a space to input the number of shares you wish to buy. Select the buy icon to execute the order.

Evaluate Your Position

After investing in Alibaba stock, regardless of the number of shares you bought, it is vital to evaluate how it is occasionally doing. Using the annualized percentage returns, you can start by comparing the performance of the stock you bought after a year with that of other companies.

The benchmark for stock comparison is the S&P 500, so you may want to compare it with Alibaba stock to check the performance. Additionally, you can check the Alibaba stock forecast and other related financial information to check if the stock is moving as intended.

The evaluation result will determine what you should do with the stock. If you are a short-term investor, you need to follow the shares so that you can cash out whenever there is an increase.

Where to Buy the Stock

Some of the trading platforms you can purchase Alibaba shares include:

  • eToro

  • MooMoo

  • Passfollo

  • EasyEquities

  • ChoiceTrade, etc.


Certain factors will influence the decision to buy Alibaba stock. However, always check the Alibaba stock forecast before purchasing the company's shares to be safe. Also, portfolio diversification is encouraged when buying Alibaba stock to prevent total loss of money in case the stock value drops.