All spaces with direct entry from the street have until September 30 to install a system of doors that remain closed when no one is entering or leaving. In addition, they have until September 2 to post information about the interior temperatures and measures taken to save energy.

These energy saving measures, which will be in force until November 2023, cover official and public administration buildings, commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants, cultural spaces (such as cinemas, theatres, museums or auditoriums), trains, buses and airports.

The decree published by the Spanish Government provides for exceptions for the air conditioning and heating of spaces such as the kitchens of restaurants, gyms, hairdressers, hospitals, nursing homes or laboratories. Public lighting will remain unchanged, but the lighting of shop windows and public buildings that are not being used will have to be turned off from 22:00 onwards.

“Energy saving is the fastest and most economical way to face the current energy crisis and reduce bills”, defends the Spanish Government.

The “immediate effect measures” that come into effect at midnight will be joined by additional ones, in coordination with regional governments and local authorities, with the Spanish executive guaranteeing that it will approve a more complete “contingency plan” in September.