In Portugal, in 2021, 6,712 thousand hectoliters of beer were produced, of which 6,616 with alcohol and only 96 without alcohol. This means an increase of 2.3% compared to the values ​​recorded in 2020, when 6,559 thousand hectoliters of beer were produced in Portugal, 6,491 of which with alcohol, and 98 of which without alcohol.

A report by one newspaper found that in terms of consumption, there was also an increase compared to 2020, of 6.7%. In 2021, the Portuguese consumed 5,001 thousand hectoliters of beer, which meant an average consumption of around 48 litres per inhabitant. A number higher than the 46 litres consumed per inhabitant in 2020, but still below the values ​​recorded in 2019, when the Portuguese consumed, on average, 53 litres of beer per inhabitant.