The Algarve has experienced a surge in popularity over the past few years and has become a darling destination for holiday-makers from around the globe. Carrying the torch as one of Portugal’s most popular cities on the southern coast is Lagos.

As you voyage 27 nautical miles west from Vilamoura, the dramatic coastline symbolic of Lagos will begin to reveal its distinctive and diverse geology. Composed of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, sheets of saturated, golden hues begin to dominate your vision. Should you fancy a dip in the water, a variety of sheltered bays position themselves along this exquisite trail and await your anchor. One certainly worth a visit is Praia do Vau, a picture-perfect pocket to position your boat and swim into its sandy shores. If you are looking for somewhere to fuel up and feast on traditional Algarvian cuisines, then head into one of the many waterfront restaurants, most of which offer their very own tender service. Forget McDonalds, this is our kind of drive-thru.

Maritime adventures dating back centuries have originated in Lagos’ impressive natural harbour, so it would only be right to carry on the tradition, right? Moor up at the visitors berth in Marina de Lagos and disembark on to the Cobbled streets.

You don’t need us to tell you to visit the Castle of Lagos as keen day trippers will naturally lead you towards this inspiring landmark. Once you have nourished your soul with the cultural highlights, wander down the promenade drawing in sea air. On your stroll back to the boat, browse the variety of goods at the local market and pocket yourself some good old memorabilia.

ATV Thrill-Seeking

Venture off the beaten tracks and inland to the Algarve’s lesser discovered areas with your personal All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV’s) accomplice. Strap in for a thrilling buggy expedition and make use of Portugal’s seemingly endless dirt trails. Boasting more legal tracks to explore than anywhere else in Europe, adventure through the earthy interior of the Algarve’s inland areas emerge at the top of the exposed cliffs overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean. Stop for a breather and take in the mesmerising view before you continue on your playful pursuit. A dirt-track daredevils paradise. Tailor-made for adrenaline junkies, the Algarve has long been a popular destination amongst thrill-seekers from around the globe. No need to shake off the sandy evidence of this off-roading rebellion as bystanders will watch in wonderment of this outrageously cool activity.


If you are anything like the party-hard #SunseekerFamily, then you are probably familiar with Sagres - the beer that is. Make no mistake, you are not wrong if your mind wandered straight to the recognisable red and gold label on the Portuguese lager, as this is where it in fact originated!

Sagres, famed for being the most southwest point in mainland Europe, is one of those rare places that evokes a genuine end-of-the-world feel when visiting. During your cruise to Sagres, touch up on your Algarvian history and learn of the iconic 15th century fortification which beckons you to the tip. Arriving a little savvier on Sagres and its rich cultural past, it is time to behold Fortaleza de Sagres. The boat’s bathing platform with its unique orientation serves as an unbeatable viewing point of this historic monument.
If you wish to stay a little longer and familiarise yourself a little more with Portugal’s wild west, then spend a night at anchor in Baleeira. Less than five nautical miles from Sagres, this harbour is a safe haven even through the most turbulent weather conditions. So you can enjoy a blissful evening of stargazing in one of Europe’s most renowned sites and tick off this bucket-list activity.


Equidistant from Portimão and Lagos, municipality of Alvor has been long loved by those choosing to luxuriate in Portugal’s lesser known areas. Many of Alvor’s serene charms as a fisherman’s village remain, making it a desirable place to spend a tranquil afternoon moseying around the network of winding streets which lead up from the riverfront.

Thanks to its unique geography, Alvor’s versatile estuary can double up as a pitch to have some shielded fun on. Raid the storage room onboard and locate your favourite toy, then take a splash and we will let you handle the rest. When the tide is low, it is tender time. Hop in and head to the banks for some socialising on the sand. Gargling salt water and giggling to their heart’s content, this is a great opportunity for the kids to let loose, laugh and create unforgettable memories.

Al Sud

With its unshowy set, our next recommendation is glamorous without being ostentatious. Michelin Star restaurant, Al Sud is the ideal place to experience a celebration of eclectic flavours.

A short cab ride from Alvor, will take you to Palmares Golf Club House and take a seat at Al Sud: a place where exceptional gastronomy marries the art of relaxation. Award-winning chef, Louis Anjos, has mastered an eclectic menu in the clubhouse’s second eatery. While away the afternoon to the soothing theme tune of an orchestra of crickets humming in the nearby vegetation.

Now head back to your boat and set sail to explore more of the Algarve’ delights.


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