According to the Vice Presidency of the Azores Government, 24,680 pensioners were supported with the support of €10 to COMPAMID - Complement for the Purchase of Medicines for the Elderly, with about €247,000 having been disbursed.

In addition, a total of 31,598 beneficiaries of the Azorean Complement to Family Allowance for Children and Young People (CAAF) were contemplated with support of €10, with the amount paid amounting to close to 316 thousand euros, according to a note released by the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM).

As for the €20 support for families benefiting from the social electricity tariff, its allocation was based on the month of June and covered 12,202 households. A sum of €244,000 was spent, says the Vice-president.

"Exceptional support, created due to the social effects of inflation in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, has already been paid, with the total amount to be paid totalling more than 800,000 euros," was noted.

Quoted in the document, the vice-president of the executive, Artur Lima, stresses that "these temporary social support measures served to help the most vulnerable families, due to the increase in the price of essential goods".

Artur Lima reiterated that, along with the social measures adopted in recent months, the Azorean Government "acted in anticipation of inflation, which allowed Azoreans to have more disposable income", recalling as an example the exemption of day care monthly fees.

In July 2022, the Regional Government of the Azores approved in the Council of Government, in Velas, a set of three social support measures to address the increased inflation and cost of living in the archipelago, resulting from the impact of war in Eastern Europe.