A 400-metre-long stretch of road between Santa Clara Bridge and Estação Nova was opened to the people of Coimbra, said the town planning councillor, Ana Bastos, who was speaking to journalists on a visit to the work to stabilise the right bank, which involves an investment of around 10 million euros.

"We are not in a position to open it in its entirety yet," noted Ana Bastos, adding that she hopes that the remaining 900 metres up to the Açude bridge will be accessible for the use of the population by the end of the month.

The councillor considered that it was of "added value" to open the stretch ready to facilitate mobility between the Santa Clara Bridge and the Estação Nova (Coimbra-A). The Aeminium avenue, parallel to the lane which is now partially opened, will also be dedicated to soft mobility, contrary to what was foreseen in the initial project for that area.

Due to the intervention works of the Mondego Mobility System (SMM), whose channel will pass next to the avenue, and the need to open a ditch on that road for the construction of an outfall of Águas do Centro Litoral, the Aeminium avenue should be off-limits to circulation for the next two years.

The complete opening of the pedestrian lane by the river is conditioned by the need to "create a fence so that people can circulate safely", given the works that will run in parallel, explained the councillor.

"It's a matter of weeks" until the strip is fully opened, which will allow a circular pedestrian connection between the two banks of the river through the Santa Clara Bridge and Açude Bridge, she stressed.

The visit, which was attended by the Mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva, included several explanations of the project by the local authority’s architect Joana Sobral.

"In all, the route will have about 200 trees planted along the river, benches, shade areas, three restaurant spaces, and ramps that bring the promenade closer to the water level", clarified the official.

"Whoever wants to come here will have to come by foot, by metro or by bicycle", she stressed, pointing out that there will be three stations of the future SMM on that bank.

For Ana Bastos, this project "brings the city to the river and takes the river to the city". Joana Sobral added that this road will also "bring the Choupal forest to Portagem".