In this article, we bring you a roadmap of the top five most wonderful locations from which to admire a sunset on the largest island of the Azorean archipelago, São Miguel.

Ponta do Escalvado viewpoint

On the west side of the island, in the municipality of Várzea, stands Ponta do Escalvado viewpoint, located at the top of a 150 metre high cliff.

Admire the view of the ocean and take advantage the panoramic vistas to enjoy the magnificent landscape over Ponta da Ferraria and the entire region of Mosteiros. On days in which the sun is shining, you can see the islands of Terceira and São Jorge as well as the summit of Pico island’s mountain.

If there’s a magical place from which to enjoy the sunset, with oranges and reds over the Atlantic blue, it is without a doubt at Ponta do Escalvado.

Pico da Barrosa viewpoint

Located in the mountainous region of Serra da Barrosa, in the municipality of Vila Franca do Campo, and abundantly populated by nature, the Pico da Barrosa viewpoint is one of the highlights of the island of São Miguel for it is both a place full of vegetation and wildlife as well as having a view extending almost over the entire island.

From this viewpoint it is possible to observe the extraordinary Lagoa do Fogo as well as Pico da Vara, Pico da Cruz and the crater of Lagoa das Sete Cidades.

From here you can watch the sun beginning to set over Lagoa do Fogo and dissipate over the Sete Cidades. Even on a cloudy afternoon, you can still be sure that Pico da Barrosa is one of the best places on São Miguel Island from which to watch an extraordinary and memorable sunset.

Pico do Ferro viewpoint

At an altitude of 570 metres and located in the parish of Furnas, in the municipality of Povoação, you will find the Pico de Ferro viewpoint. This is considered to be an excellent viewpoint for allowing a glimpse of the beauty of the lagoons, as well as of the surrounding region, as is the case with the protected landscape of the Furnas.

Out of this protected area, we highlight the Furnas Lagoon with its fumaroles and calderas as well as its picturesque village. Weather permitting it is also possible to see the Island of Santa Maria.

Of all the good reasons for admiring a sunset from this viewpoint, we underline the fact that there are parking spaces close by and that it is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Vista dos Barcos viewpoint

Located on the opposite side of Ponta do Escalvado, precisely on the other side of the island, the viewpoint of Vista dos Barcos is located just 1500 metres from the municipality’s port: Porto do Concelho de Nordeste.

As its Portuguese name implies, at this beautiful viewpoint of ‘view of the boats’ you can observe all sorts of maritime vessels. This is the first spot on the entire São Miguel coast where it is possible to see boats approaching from the East.

The Vista dos Barcos viewpoint offers a wide-ranging landscape along the coast, also allowing you to enjoy the Ponta do Arnel lighthouse from a distance.

On this small piece of land, observing the sun as it slowly approaches the horizon over the Atlantic, laying its warm tones on the passing boats, is to enjoy one of the most instagrammable views São Miguel has to offer.

Pôr do Sol viewpoint

In a guide on the best places from which to see the sunset, we couldn’t leave out a place that welcomes this natural phenomenon in such a graceful and charming way: the Pôr do Sol, or Sunset, viewpoint.

Located in the municipality of Povoação, this place is covered in vegetation, lawns and perfect shades for relaxing as well as having tables and barbecue grills available which invite you to come for a visit and a picnic in the good company of family and friends.

From here you can enjoy the landscape and the views of the villages of Povoação, Lomba do Cavaleiro and also further South on the coast, Ponta do Garajau and Ribeira Quente.

If you’re looking for a place to relax, have a snack and even maybe to pamper yourself with sunset views sitting among the greenery, rest assured that Pôr do Sol viewpoint does its name justice.

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