And this is exactly what happened in October 2021, when he announced an exclusive five-year partnership between his basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks, and Voyager Digital. In fact, from October to November, the Voyager token soared nearly 300%. What’s happened since has put Mark Cuban in hot water, but the price movement shows just how respected his opinion is.

So what has Mark Cuban been saying about Cardano (ADA) and (CRNO)? Let’s find out.

Cuban isn’t a Cardano (ADA) bull

Cardano (ADA) ranks #8 in the world’s top crypto projects by market cap. The biggest “Ethereum killer” has a loyal fanbase who believe that Cardano’s strengths lie within its development community and academic background. Yet Cardano has lagged behind other tokens when it comes to doing anything particularly innovative.

For example, smart contracts were only introduced to the Cardano network in 2021, while Ethereum has had smart contracts since its launch. This is the same sentiment Mark Cuban holds. He’s stated that Cardano is “just not there yet” in terms of it having a real impact on crypto.

He points out that, since the implementation of smart contracts, Cardano has done little with the technology that has drawn users in. He even said that Dogecoin (DOGE) is a more viable transaction medium than Cardano. Cuban noted that while Cardano might be able to run more applications, DOGE users know its value is in being transactional.

Despite Cardano’s popularity, it's hard to discount what Cuban is saying regarding ADA. Given his track record as an excellent investor, it’s wise to listen to what he has to say. (CRNO) would have Shark Tank investors captivated

The latest utility token to take the crypto world by storm, (CRNO), hasn’t yet been picked up by Mark Cuban. But knowing his investment philosophy, we can imagine what he would say.

But first, what is (CRNO)? (CRNO) is a decentralized marketplace for trading in fractional shares of luxury watches. In the past, you would’ve needed to pay hundreds of thousands to speculate on the long-term value of a Rolex or Audemars Piguet timepiece. But now, you can buy fractions of NFTs that are linked to the physical watch, which (CRNO) holds in their secure vaults worldwide.

Given’s (CRNO) incredible innovation and disruption of a traditional market, we can guess that Mark Cuban would look favorably upon (CRNO). If the project were on Shark Tank, Cuban would be buying up CRNO tokens rapidly, as other whales already have been. The (CRNO) token is used for discounted trading fees and staking, and its price will only appreciate as (CRNO) goes mainstream.

Right now, (CRNO) is worth $0.079, already up 690% from its May price of $0.01, and Cuban would probably call (CRNO) massively undervalued at these prices. Analysts are forecasting (CRNO) will launch to the public between $0.50 and $1.00 by the end of September when presale finishes - delivering potential 1000%+ gains in less than a month.