Among the various tools launched in Portugal by Meta, parental supervision on Instagram is sending the teen an invitation to supervise your account or accept an invitation from your teen.

It also allows you to see how much time your teenager spends daily on Instagram and you can set daily limits and schedule breaks for specific times of day, according to the social network.

Parents and guardians will now receive a notification whenever their teenager reports an account or post - including which account and what type of content.

It also includes the launch of the Family Centre, in which parents in Portugal and worldwide will now be able to visit this space that has content reviewed by experts that will help teenagers and parents navigate the digital world.

It also includes new tools to help teenagers better manage the time they spend on Instagram.

Meta is testing a new sound feature globally that aims to encourage teens to switch topics if they are repeatedly looking at the same type of content in the "explore" area.

"While it is still being tested, we hope it can reach everyone soon," the Instagram owner notes.

Meta has created a process that helps apply the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in product development.

"This framework is used by all teams at Meta to be able to apply the same standards in the development of all digital experiences for those under 18," says the tech company, which will ensure it continues to work "collaboratively" to address the needs of younger people in the app.