There are many reasons for women to undergo a breast surgery, starting from the young woman who begins adulthood and wants to obtain the breast volume she never had, to the woman who, in an advanced stage of her life and after breastfeeding, wishes to rejuvenate the shape and support of her breasts, to those who wish to reduce their size when having exaggerated volume.

All the interventions mentioned below aim to achieve an improvement in the physical comfort as well as in women's self-esteem.

Breast Augmentation

It is performed through a small incision, into which a flexible implant is introduced that will push the mammary gland and increase its volume. This is completely imperceptible and can be located behind the pectoral muscle or the gland, in this way women are still able to breastfeed and prevent breast cancer.

Prostheses of different sizes, shapes, and textures can be used according to the patient's wishes.

Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

This procedure is the surgical solution for excess volume and weight of the breast, which is usually followed by a marked asymmetry and a large areola size. Thus, it is possible to remove the excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin and reposition and rejuvenate the breast entirely.

The surgical technique may differ - according to medical indication and the patient's will - between periareolar, vertical, J or L-shaped, and inverted T scars.


The Breast Lift surgery allows to correct sagging breasts, with less firmness and more flaccidity. This is a very frequent situation in women who have just become mothers, due to weight oscillations and breast-feeding.

This surgical procedure allows the position of the tissues to be redefined in order to obtain the rejuvenation of the breast. This surgery can be performed with or without prostheses; in the case of using prostheses or applying fat, it is called an Augmentation Mastopexy.

Prostheses Replacement

The replacement of breast implants is an unavoidable reality, since all women who have undergone a breast augmentation will have to perform a new surgery. The three main reasons for this are capsular contracture, sagging of the breast - caused by ageing - and rupture of the prostheses.

The surgeries vary according to the reason, it can be a simple exchange, with the same or another volume, or involve the removal of excess skin.

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes - Clinical Director of Plastic Surgery at Up Clinic