According to a report by TVI/CNN, the detainee is of German nationality and the case occurred after the victims showed interest in buying land adjacent to the suspect.

The two men have been reported missing and, so far, according to TVI/CNN Portugal, their bodies have not been found.

The information was also confirmed by the Judiciary Police, through a statement sent to the media. In this document, they explain that they proceeded “to identify and arrest a man, due to strong indications of the practice of the crimes of homicide, desecration of a corpse and possession of a prohibited weapon”.

The authorities clarify that “the investigation began on Sunday, 11 September, after the communication of the disappearance of two men, aged 74 and 65, both residents of Pico Island” and had “the collaboration of the Public Security Police, the Republican National Guard and the Maritime Police”.

“In the investigations carried out, evidence was collected that the two missing men had been victims of homicide crimes, with subsequent concealment of the corpses, with suspicion falling on an individual of foreign nationality, residing in the vicinity of the place, where the vehicle used by the victims was parked”, they add.

The investigation continues.