According to a report by Expresso, head of the government saw an old address and the e-mail of an employee in his office being released, but not the phone number. Ventura, on the other hand, saw his cell phone number and email exposed, but not his address. On the other hand, Neiva da Cruz and Rui Clero's mobile number, e-mail and address were exposed.

The dark web also contains data from deputies and former deputies such as Edite Estrela, Jamila Madeira, Joana Mortágua, José Cesário, José Silvano, Paulo Portas, Alexandre Quintanilha or Susana Amador, as well as a list of 294 exposed emails with the domain

The Ragnar Locker group attacked the airline on August 25, published data on 1.5 million customers and says it continues to have remote access to TAP systems.

According to Expresso, the cybercriminal group Ragnar Locker "has fulfilled the threat it has been making and this Monday published 581 gigabytes (GB) of data that it says relates to 1.5 million TAP customers".

In a message published on the Dark Web - the newspaper says -, the Ragnar Lockers "also guarantee that they continue to have access to TAP's computer systems".

In addition to the tables with addresses, telephone numbers and customer names, the data leak "presents identification documents of people who appear to be professionals or partners of TAP, as well as confidential agreements with several companies and relationships with other airlines".

In an email sent to customers last week, TAP warned customers affected by the computer attack, whose data were published, that this disclosure "may increase the risk of its illegitimate use", calling for attention to suspicious communications.