Mothers devote themselves entirely to the new baby, so it becomes necessary to prioritize themselves to their own well-being in order to regain self-esteem when everything is required from them.

There is a period that begins immediately after birth, between 45 and 60 days, in which the woman's body undergoes many transformations. However, when it is over, it can still leave some changes that cause discomfort, both physical and emotional.

What is it?

Mommy Makeover is for women who wish to recover the harmony of their body, their comfort and confidence.

It can be defined as a combination of abdominal and breast surgeries, according to patient's needs and desires, in the same operative time.

What are the options?

Regarding breast surgeries, it is possible to perform Breast Augmentation or Reduction, Mastopexy, and also Prosthesis Replacement in case of a previous augmentation.

Breast Augmentation is the placement of a flexible implant that pushes the mammary gland and increases its volume. Breast reduction, on the other hand, corrects excess volume and weight.

Mastopexy allows for the repositioning of breast tissues and may or may not use implants. Finally, prosthesis replacement, besides what the name suggests, can require the removal of excess skin.

In addition to one of these surgical interventions, an abdominal surgery is performed to correct the silhouette. The Abdominoplasty corrects the excess skin, known as apron belly after pregnancy, or Lipoabdominoplasty which adds liposculpture for excess fat.

Another option is Bodysculpting®, which is defined as the most advanced body definition surgery combining High definition Lipo with technology such as Vaser, Microaire and Bodytite, or Fit Mommy characterized by a mini-Abdominoplasty with high definition lipo.

Plastic Surgery consultation

In your plastic surgery consultation, discuss what are your goals in order to establish a plan to recover the harmony of the body based upon real expectations and medical indication.

It is imperative to stabilize body weight and wait for the breast to normalize after breastfeeding, whether it is 1 month or 9 months, before undergoing the Mommy Makeover procedure.

To optimize results, it is crucial to implement a nutrition and exercise plan and look at this phase as a period of holistic care for women.

by Dr. Rui Lima

Plastic Surgeon at Up Clinic