The announcements of increases were made one by one by traders and the sector regulator, but the entry into force of the new prices is happening at the same time for all domestic customers and also for some small businesses.

What you need to know about gas prices

As of 1 October, anyone who is an EDP Comercial customer will pay an average of €30 more per month for natural gas, plus five to seven euros in fees and taxes, an increase that the company justified with the rise in prices in international markets, after a year without tariff updates.

The new prices will be in effect for three months, not for a year, as usual, subject to upward or downward revisions at the end of that period.

In the case of Galp, the increase in the natural gas bill will be around eight euros, for most customers.

Goldenergy customers will see an average increase of €10 on monthly gas bills, which cover both families and small businesses.

What you need to know about electricity prices

EDP Comercial ruled out "further changes by the end of the year in the price of electricity", unless there are "exceptional situations over the next few months".

Endesa's customers also remain without increases, with the company committed to maintaining contractual prices until December and to fulfilling the commitments established in the Iberian mechanism, after the company's president stated that electricity would rise by 40% in August.

Iberdrola has not announced any increases either.

Regulated market changes

Natural gas

Announcements of price increases on the free market led the Government to approve a measure that allows consumers in the liberalized market to return to the regulated gas market, as was already the case in the case of electricity.

The regulated market offers cheaper tariffs, however, the Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (ERSE) announced a further increase in the price of energy in the regulated market for natural gas.

As of Saturday, an increase of 3.9% comes into force compared to the previous month and, since updates were made throughout the year, the increase is 8.2% for the year 2022-2023, compared to the previous year (2021-2022).


In the case of electricity, customers in the regulated market will pay an additional five euros per megawatt-hour (MWh), equivalent to an average increase of 3% in their monthly bill.