The director of Human Resources at dst, José Machado, told Lusa that it is a postgraduate course, with a one-hour class per week, plus 10 minutes to clear up doubts and reflect on the given topics.

“It's a time that is part of the employees' working hours”, he stressed.

For José Machado, the company's objective is that the philosophy classes, in addition to increasing the workers' critical thinking and questioning ability, also work as a kind of “analgesic for the pain of the 21st century”.

In the first semester, students will study contemporary thinkers, followed by topics such as epistemology, spirituality, anthropology, ethics, politics, art and culture, among others.

Taught in partnership with the Catholic University of Braga, the postgraduate course starts on October 6 and will be attended by 505 workers with higher education, which represents about 26% of the group’s human capital.

In 2020, the company had already offered a first course in philosophy, which was attended by 318 workers.

“Many of these workers wanted to participate in the postgraduate course that is now starting, which is unequivocal proof that they liked it and felt that the classes were good for them”, added José Machado.