“Restos do Vento”, which made its debut in Spain at the festival, received the Calpurnia award for best film for its “sober and haunting visual and narrative power”, announced the jury.

With screenplay by Tiago Guedes and Tiago Rodrigues, and production by Leopardo Filmes, “Restos do Vento” stars Albano Jerónimo, Nuno Lopes, Isabel Abreu, João Pedro Vaz, Gonçalo Waddington and Leonor Vasconcelos.

“A pagan tradition in a village in the interior of Portugal leaves painful memories on a group of young teenagers. Twenty-five years later, when they meet again, the past resurfaces and tragedy sets in”, reads the synopsis.

The film starts from a rite of passage, in a village in the interior of the country, involving a group of teenagers, which will leave deep marks on one of the boys.

“Restos do Vento” is currently being shown in Portuguese cinemas and had its world premiere last May at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to the production company Leopardo Filmes, after its passage through the Ourense festival, "Restos do Vento" will be screened at the Lucca Film Festival, in Italy, where it is integrated in the feature film competition, and in October it will be at the São Paulo Film Festival.

The 27th Ourense Film Festival, which ends on Saturday, also has in its programme the films "O ultimo banho", by David Bonneville, and the Luso-Spanish co-productions "O corpo aberto", by Ángeles Huerta, and "A cero 5", by Gonzalo Suárez Garayo.