“With this operation, the PSP closed three points of sale, detained a supplier of these points and withdrew from the market 4,220 doses of narcotic drugs, many of which would be sold to underage students, as well as two firearms”, states the PSP.

In the note, the PSP also stresses that the operation, which resulted from several investigations, was divided into three phases and had several different targets.

According to the PSP, operation “Quinta Limpa” began on September 22, in the parish of Beato, where three traffickers were arrested in flagrante delicto, when they were selling heroin and cocaine to consumers.

In this action, the PSP seized 73.5 single doses of heroin, 36.15 single doses of cocaine and 1,750 euros in cash from the sale of drugs, in addition to an aluminum door “that had been assembled by the traffickers, in the absence of the residents, at the entrance of a building to guarantee their safety in the sale of drugs and to avoid police interventions”.

On September 27, the PSP isolated an artery in the parish of Penha de França where they searched four houses as part of an investigation into drug trafficking, which had been underway for six months.

In this action, four men and one woman were arrested and 136 grams (equivalent to 272 individual doses) of hashish and 2,068 euros were seized.

“In this investigation, a young man, a minor, was identified who was selling drugs directly to other minors, mostly students from a school located a few metres from the point of sale”, said the PSP.

The following day, on September 28, as part of an investigation that has been going on for about a year, the PSP carried out three more searches in the Picheleira area, in the parish of Beato, where they seized “3,839.45 individual doses of cocaine”, a safe where the drugs were kept, 1,030 euros in cash and a 12 gauge shotgun, all of which were in the possession of one of the main targets”.