Some people claim that crystals can help us by promoting the flow of energy. One of them is Joana Pinto, writer and founder of the Portuguese Association for Crystal Healing. In her latest book, she explains how we should use crystals.

But what does this have to do with our four-legged friends? Although a little mystical, people who are really keen on the world of crystals can also use their abilities applied to their pet to increase their energy, helping them to maintain their balance and prevent illness.

Joana's interest in the animal world started a long time ago. According to Joana, before she started dedicating her life to crystal healing (which she says is what she was born to do), she was studying to become a veterinarian.

"I really love animals, I have never left them behind, I still devote myself to my pets, so I had to understand how I would apply crystal healing to animals because they are the purest species," Joana Pinto said.

Working on energies

The first question that comes to mind is whether it is even possible. Well, if you believe in the benefits of crystals for humans, then why not? She explains that it is possible to work on the energy of animals who have been, for example, abandoned, or who have a lot of fears or any other traumas.

"Minerals can be a tool to help minimise or harmonise the emotional side of an animal. For example, if the owner has died, the animal is devastated, even more so if they used to have a strong bond. In addition, we can use crystal healing to harmonise and balance our four-legged friend's daily life," she said.

However, according to her, we really need to know what we are doing before we start because pets are very vulnerable. "Animals don't talk and if we are using minerals that can be toxic, it is important that the person knows very well what they are doing."

After saying this, she shared an easy tip. "For example, in our animals' drinking water, we can put a quartz crystal, and it's interesting to realise that if we put a quartz crystal in the water, the water will tend to harmonise when the animal drinks this water."

Then, "the harmonised water will enter through the digestive tract and harmonise the internal organs and it's a very simple thing, we will start from the inside out," she said, adding that crystals can also be used in a very simple way in a beautiful collar.

Joana Pinto in her first book, 'The Healing Power of Crystals', explains the most basic concepts, but in the future, she hopes that in another book she can perhaps explore the use of crystals on animals or other specific topics.

"In my first book, I wanted to give people the basic knowledge so they can then move on to more specialised topics, such as crystal healing for animals and so on," she pointed out.

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