In a press conference at the Assembly of the Republic, André Ventura said that Chega proposes, within the scope of the discussion of the proposed State Budget for 2023, that the support of €125, which will be allocated this month, be exempt from taxation.

Following a request for clarification from a journalist, since the Ministry of Finance had already announced that the support would not be taxed, Ventura replied: “As we propose that these 125 euros are not confined to one month, but extended to the next year, what we propose is that, if the Government accepts - we still don't know if it will or not, there have been mixed signals - keep the non-taxation of this value."

The president of Chega added that the party will present as a proposal to amend the State Budget for 2023 (OE2023), which will only be known on Monday, so that holiday and Christmas subsidies are exempt from taxation, as well as an update of the levels of the IRS.

Chega will also present a proposal to reduce the amount payable at tolls, especially in the Algarve, and another for VAT exemption for essential goods, in order to mitigate the effects of inflation.