Since the beginning of the year consumers have been struggling with the impact of the increased cost of living. DECO wants to be by their side, informing and advising consumers on how to manage their budgets.

Getting in touch with the bank

According to DECO, banks are forced by law to monitor consumer compliance and take the necessary measures to detect any signs of risk of non-payment.

If they find that someone is indebted to other loans reported in Banco de Portugal's central database of credit liabilities, or if the consumer warns they are unable to pay back their debts due to unemployment or illness, the bank must include them in the Debt Risk Action Plan and assess whether they have the financial capacity to avoid more debts.


The bank should analyse the consumer's financial capacity and promote the implementation of solutions that allow the consumer to maintain regular loan repayments. These solutions can include negotiating the terms of the contract.

Get involved

Consumers should actively participate in the process of analysis of their financial standing, sending all the requested documentation and providing all necessary clarifications for the proper development of solutions.

Any information or solution should be presented in an appropriate document and always result from an agreement between the consumer and the institution.

Need help? DECO's Financial Protection Office is happy to support consumers in this matter.


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Paula Martins