This is because the concessionaire's contract provides that the rate update is indexed to the year-on-year rate of change of the Consumer Price Index for September.

This Thursday (13 October), the National Statistics Institute confirmed that inflation in September reached 9.3%.

According to Dinheiro Vivo, an increase of this size will result in a class 1 car paying close to €3.17 to cross the Vasco da Gama bridge, against the current €2.90, or another 27 cents.

On the 25 de Abril bridge, the toll will reach the value of €2.07, compared to the current €1.90, or 17 cents more.

The mitigation of this increase in tolls is in the hands of the Government, which can enact a brake on the expected rise, as it did with rents.

It is recalled that the Executive of António Costa placed a limit of 2% on the increase in rents in 2023, when the expected increase was 5.43%.