"I wanted to express the discontent, anger and unease that workers experience. At this moment, we have the ingredients for a perfect storm: growing discontent, difficulties linked to inflation, salary and benefit cuts, acts of management that are totally outside of the box and lack of social sensitivity. We are making great strides towards actions, until the end of the year, which we do not know what consequences will have. It is very likely that by the end of the year there may be a strike in the TAP group", said Ricardo Penarróias during a hearing on the privatisation of TAP at the Economy, Public Works, Planning and Housing Commission, at the request of the PCP.

The union leader considered it "worrying that this administration does not have a well-founded policy", maintaining "a directionless management, according to the tide and political and public pressure".

"And a good example of this is the issue of BMWs, which, if they were that good and profitable for the company, then they would have maintained their decision ", he said, referring to the recent news that the air carrier had ordered a new fleet of BMW cars for the administration and managers, a contract that the company ended up, however, deciding to renegotiate after the controversy the news generated.