In recent weeks, holders of MANA and LUNA tokens have been dropping them like hotcakes in favor of (SNW) . Why? What has changed? What (SNW) , and why is it suddenly at the receiving end of favor of the crypto users?

We’ll find answers to these questions today.


What is (SNW)? (SNW) is a multi-chain token bridging solution, designed for fungible and non-fungible token swaps. (SNW) uses unique bridging protocols for fungible and non-fungible token swaps, which makes it a one-stop multi-chain swap protocol, for every token type and chain type. Also, (SNW) offers cross-chain swaps for EVM and non-EVM chains alike, making its application limitless across the entire market.

In practice, this allows for seamless transactions for users across a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, whether they are fungible or non-fungible.

A Globally Connected Metaverse Needs (SNW)

On paper, Decentraland exists in the metaverse. It’s a virtual reality world, where users can don various avatars, customize them, own virtual real estate (LAND), and spend money (MANA), just like in the real world.

However, Decentraland has failed to fully integrate into the broader metaverse and fulfil its promises. Metaverse is being designed as a fully open virtual world where users can seamlessly move their assets across different metaverse universes or worlds (such as Decentraland). Yet, Decentraland does not even allow you to bring your own avatar into the platform. You must design or customize it from within it.

This is where (SNW) comes into the picture. (SNW) offers a bridge between various protocols and allows users to swap assets (including NFTs) across different EVM and non-EVM compatible chains.

In other words, you could move your assets across different universes. So, no more DeFi silos with (SNW) . (SNW) is Building a Strong, Stable Foundation (SNW) is creating a stable token that is genuinely stable by discouraging easily excitable, fear-mongering, and anxious users from joining its platform. With a 2% buy tax and 8% withdrawal tax on liquidity pooling, (SNW) ensures that users do not engage in high-frequency speculative trading and invest their crypto funds for the long term. Without high-volume speculative trading, (SNW) is shielded from the crash and burn cycles that plague other platforms.

Take Terra Luna, for instance. It shot up to 500 times its value before losing 99% of its value in just a matter of a few months. That’s the craze for a platform that had aspirations of a stable coin. Also, Terra Luna’s biggest problem is its founder, who has a highly unpredictable and volatile nature.

Opt For a Better Solution

Decentraland and Terra have proved that they are not suitable options as a stable metaverse currency that offers seamless transactability across different worlds in the metaverse. Therefore, with its innovative features, (SNW) is attracting users from both these platforms.

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