This month alone, around 718 million dollars in cryptocurrencies have already been stolen, which brings the total for 2022 to three billion dollars. Last year, just over three billion dollars were stolen, according to Bloomberg, citing data from Chainalysis, a company specialising in blockchain.

The targets are mostly decentralised networks and there are already records of 125 attacks in 2022. With the value stolen this month reaching US$718 million in 11 computer attacks, October is already the month with the highest activity of computer piracy on record, according to Chainalysis. The company estimates that groups with connections to North Korea alone have already stolen approximately $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.

More recently, two major attacks rocked the cryptocurrency industry, namely the theft of around $100 million from the Mango service, and two million Binance coins worth nearly $570 million. In a statement, Binance said that of the stolen amount, about $100 million was not recovered, while the rest was frozen.