Extreme drought in mainland Portugal registered a “very sharp decrease” in September after in August the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) warned that almost 40% of the country was in this situation. According to the bulletin released by the IPMA, currently only the region of Bragança is in this meteorological situation, even if it is “only occasionally”.

“According to the PDSI index at the end of September, there was a significant decrease in the meteorological drought situation throughout the territory, with moderate and severe drought classes predominating throughout the territory. The extreme drought class had a very sharp decrease in” existing “now only occasionally in the region of Bragança“.

Thus, in view of the new update of the IPMA PDSI Index, 3.3% of the territory is in a situation of “weak drought”, 32.2% is in a situation of “severe drought” and 64.3% of the territory is under if in a situation of “moderate drought”. Only 0.2% of the territory is in a state of “extreme drought”.