In a statement, this entity, which brings together several institutions and associations to fight tolls on the old Scut [no-cost roads for the user] explained that the decision to proceed with new protests comes after the meeting held recently with members of the Government was “ inconclusive”.

The Platform also stressed that “the Government's statements on this matter are generic, imprecise and contradictory”.

The first demonstration to take to the streets will take place on November 7, with prtesters honking horns in several locations in the districts of Castelo Branco and Guarda, namely in Fundão (Market Zone, at 09:00), Castelo Branco (Europa roundabout at 9:00 am), Covilhã (Oliveira roundabout at 4:30 pm), Guarda (Camionagem Central Roundabout at 5:30 pm), Seia (Pingo Doce roundabout at 8:45 am) and Vilar Formosa (on the old border, at 11:30).

On 18 November, starting at 16:00, a slow march is scheduled, departing from various locations towards the northern roundabout of Fundão, at the exit of the A23.

The Castelo Branco and Guarda protestors depart at 4:00 pm, while the Belmonte demonstrators depart at 4:30 pm, joining the vehicles that follow from Guarda and, finally, at 5:00 pm, the protestors from Covilhã will join.