Speaking to Lusa, the independent minister Carlos Furtado explained that the proposed amendment to the regional legislative decree approved in April has already been sent to the services of the Regional Legislative Assembly, “with a request to shorten the deadline to be discussed in committee”, with a view to stopping the measure before its entry into force in January 2023.

The initiative also provides for changes in the method of distributing the tax income, providing that, after December 31, 2024 (the date indicated for the conclusion of the suspension), 20% of the amount will revert to the accommodation units that charge the fee, “with the remaining 80% being divided in equal percentage between the municipalities where the overnight stay is registered and the Regional Government”.

Carlos Furtado explained to Lusa that he intended “to respond to some of the criticisms made to the approved proposal, namely by the municipalities”.

As for the suspension, Carlos Furtado's proposal proposes that it be until December 31, 2024.