"Did you know that... before you turn 50 you have to renew your driving license?" is a message being shared on social media by the Public Security Police (PSP).

If you have a Portuguese driving license, be aware that the date you have to renew it varies depending on the date your license was issued. And there are three dates to be aware of according to Noticias ao Minuto.

If you were licensed to drive before January 2, 2013, be aware that the first renewal of the license must be made at age 50 - the only one without needing to present a medical certificate. The second occurs at age 60, then at 65 and then at 70, explains the Institute for Mobility and Transport (IMT), with it then needing to be renewed "every two years".

Drivers qualified as of January 2, 2013, will have to renew their license according to "the date recorded" on the back of the document. The second renewal takes place every 15 years until the driver turns 60 years old. Then, the new renewals take place at age 65, then at age 70, and then "every two years".

The final option is for drivers who have been licensed as of July 30, 2016. They will have to carry out the first renewal "every 15 years after the date of license until reaching the age of 60". The next validation takes place at age 60 and, until age 70, every five years. From the age of 70, the revalidation starts, like in the other cases, to be carried out every two years".