A study carried out by the Institute of Behavioral Technology (INTEC) gave the Municipality of Lagoa the best score in the areas of Tourism; Welfare; and Safety, Diversity and Tolerance, three of the ten categories analysed in the study “Quality of Life in the Best Municipalities to Live in”, carried out through surveys of thousands of citizens and presented by researcher Miguel Lopes, coordinator of the work, at the Faculty of Law of University of Coimbra (FDUC).

The study carried out by the Institute of Behavioral Technology (INTEC) also analyses the domains of the environment; economy and employment; education and training; identity, culture and leisure; mobility and road safety; health; and urbanism and housing considered determinants to calculate the quality of life in each territory, through which it materializes the concept of “quality of life” designated by the World Health Organization: the individual's perception regarding their insertion in society, in the context of culture and value system in which they live and their goals, expectations, standards and concerns”.

After accounting for all areas of the study and the scores obtained by all municipalities, the Municipality of Lagoa was considered the best municipality to live in Portugal, followed by the municipalities of Caminha, Bragança, Cascais and Pombal.

“It is a distinction that makes all Lagoenses proud and that is attributed to our municipality a few months after its 250th anniversary. It is undoubtedly an early gift and it is a very important distinction for a municipality that lives essentially on tourism”, said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.