The 26 players called up by Fernando Santos for the World Cup are valued at €937 million, according transfermarket website. This value places the national team as the fourth most valuable of the 32 teams that will be present at the Qatar World Cup, which starts on the 20th, only behind England (€1.26 billion), Brazil (€1.13 billion) and France. (€1.07 billion).

Among the 26 Portuguese selected, the footballer with the highest market price is Rafael Leão (85 million euros), a 23-year-old striker for AC Milan, who dethroned Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva, and became the most valuable Portuguese player.

The top 5 of most valuable players in the team is completed with Bernardo Silva (Manchester City, 80M), Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United, 75M), Rúben Dias (Manchester City, 75M) and João Cancelo (Manchester City, 70M) .

Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the national team, appears in 17th position, valued at €20 million, something that can be explained due to his age (37 years) and the fact that this season, unlike others, he is playing less. The least valuable player is the Porto centre Pepe (1M), who is 39 years old.

The English team is, among the 32 that will be present in Qatar, the most valuable - 1.26 billion euros -, where the market prices of young midfielders Phil Foden (Manchester City, 110M) and Jude Bellingham (B. Dortmund, 100M) have helped to contribute to the massive number.

This is followed by Brazil (1.14 billion), whose most valuable players are the Real Madrid duo formed by Vinicius Jr. (120M) and Rodrygo (80M). In third place is the French national team (1.07 billion). The French footballers with the highest market value are Mbappé (160M, the most valuable in the competition) and Nkunku and Tchouameni (80M each).

Portugal, valued at 937 million euros, occupies the fourth place in this ranking, ahead of Spain (902M), Germany (885.5M), Argentina (633.2M), the Netherlands (587.2M) and Belgium (563.2M).