The non-profit is concerned with the animal’s welfare, health, safety, and quality of life. The dogs and cats they care for have been abandoned and ignored and require affection and a family to call their own. The entire team, including many volunteers, are working tirelessly every day to provide individual care, comfort, training, and love to each animal.

Cadela Carlota's ultimate goal, however, is to find a caring human who will give the animal his or her forever home.

For 2023, their most significant and the most urgent goal is to raise enough money to buy the land where they operate the dog shelter. It has come up for sale, and the only way to guarantee uninterrupted care for our 80+ dogs is for Cadela Carlota to own the land they call home. Please help Cadela Carlota to ‘Own the Land ~ O Nosso Terreno’ to ensure that 80+ abandoned dogs don’t lose their safe refuge. Donate at

They need your help to achieve their goals! Please adopt or foster an animal and share our page. Consider becoming a member, a sponsor, a volunteer or a donor. For more information, please visit their Facebook page here: Facebook/cadelacarlota or please email