But which prices have risen the most in the last week?

Fish fingers (16% more);

Cereals (13% more);

Hake medallions (11% more);

Tuna in vegetable oil (plus 11%);

Cabbage (7% more);

Turkey leg (plus 5%);

Ground roasted coffee (plus 5%);

Liquid yogurt (plus 4%);

Semi-skimmed UHT milk (plus 4%);

Eggs (4% more).

And which products have increased the most since the war started?

Also according to DECO data, the ten products that saw their price increase the most in the last nine months, between February 23 and November 16, were:

White sugar (51% more);

Tomato pulp (51% more);

Orange (47% more);

Fresh hake (45% more);

Semi-skimmed UHT milk (38% more);

Turkey steak (33% more);

Cabbage (33% more);

Carrots (32% more);

Whole chicken (30% more);

Eggs (30% more).