“I am weeks away from signing a memorandum with those who are the promoters of scooters, in which I hope that everyone will sign this memorandum, a memorandum that will come before regulation”, said Carlos Moedas (PSD), at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly meeting.

Considering that the memorandum of understanding is “a good sign for the city”, the mayor of Lisbon said that the agreement with the operators of these electric vehicles will have “very clear aspects, the first is a reduction in the speed of scooters”.

“We have speeds that go above 20 kilometres per hour and we know that in European cities, such as Paris, there have been limitations”, said the Mayor of Lisbon, referring that in the French capital the speed of scooters was limited to “eight kilometres per hour, which has greatly reduced accidents”.

In addition to this aspect, Carlos Moedas said that he wanted to have “a commitment on the side of these promoters to limit the number of scooters”, recalling that Lisbon has “double or triple the number of scooters that exist in a city like Madrid and that is not normal”.

“There will have to be an agreement in this regard and, later, an agreement also regarding the behaviour in relation to walking on the sidewalks, walking in the opposite direction, and today we have technological systems that allow us to prevent this from happening”, he added.

The mayor of Lisbon noted that it is not possible to achieve 100% monitoring of scooters by the police, “because obviously, the police have many other things to worry about, this is just one of the things the police are concerned about”.

Without announcing the concrete date for the signing of the memorandum of understanding, Carlos Moedas said that it is necessary to know if “everyone is going to sign”.

“If they sign this memorandum, they are already committed to what will be the regulation itself and I think that would be very positive in the city”, defended the mayor of Lisbon.