Speaking to journalists, José Luís Carneiro recalled that “all climate and meteorological forecasts point to an even more demanding 2023 and 2024”, in which “increasingly extreme fires” should occur.

“We cannot wait for April, May, or June”, he warned, explaining that public investment planned in this area for next year is part of the “national effort” assumed by António Costa's executive.

It is therefore important, according to the Minister of Internal Administration, “to work on prevention well in advance”.

“There are more than 250 million euros that illustrate well the support of this Government to firefighters and the priority given to preventing and fighting rural fires”, reiterated José Luís Carneiro.

For the Special Device for Combating Rural Fires (DECIR), 52.7 million euros are foreseen, he said.

“The Portuguese Government will continue, in 2023, to pursue a path of strengthening the means for civil protection. We are going to go from 29.7 million euros of permanent funding to fire brigades to 31.7 million euros, which means an increase of 6.7% compared to 2022”, stressed the minister.

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