Speaking to journalists in Barcelos, Braga district, regarding the floods that have caused various material damages in the last few hours, José Luís Carneiro defended that the Civil Protection systems should investigate the causes that justify these circumstances, drawing attention to the problem of soil erosion, as a result of construction, but also to the climate changes that are being felt all over Europe with increasing frequency.

“Civil Protection systems must carry out this assessment of the causes that may justify these circumstances, bearing in mind that Territorial Planning Plans, Municipal Civil Protection Plans, develop the necessary work to prepare these areas for greater resilience. That is why the European Union is providing financial means so that European territories can prepare for these [climate] changes and for the effects of these changes”, he declared.

Questioned by journalists about whether there were failures from the point of view of land use planning, the minister reiterated that it is "very important" that municipal Civil Protection systems seek to determine the causes of what were extraordinary phenomena related to the conduction of water in large cities, but also in rural areas, as one of the effects of lands that absorb this large amount of water is landslides.

“In the big cities, it has to do with the damage and the movement of water, which is immense and causes immense damage,” he said.

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