This Tuesday, the cabin crew delivered a seven-day strike notice, from January 25th to 31st.

“For anyone who might accuse the SNPVAC Board of irresponsibility, we remind you that the company cannot boast of achieving profits in 2022, without there being a true and significant recognition of the efforts of the cabin crew“, says the union in a statement. “It was these efforts, as well as the multiple and painful personal and professional sacrifices of our workers, that contributed to the results presented by the company”, states the union.

TAP closed the first nine months with a loss of €91 million, but managed profits of €111 million between July and September, and should close the year with a positive result, which has not happened since 2017.

“Despite the numerous efforts of this board to find a consensual solution — in addition to an overwhelming message from our associates in the last three assemblies — the truth is that the current administration continues not to want to understand the revolt and indignation of the cabin crew“, adds SNPVAC.

“It is then up to the administration to demonstrate what it proclaims so much, but which, in fact, it has never seriously tried: to resolve this dispute and satisfy our fair and legitimate demands, realising that social peace has an unparalleled value”, adds the union, saying that he is still available for dialogue.

If the strike is not called off, it will be the second strike in less than two months. The crew members went on strike on the 8th and 9th of December, which had not happened for eight years. TAP cancelled 360 flights and estimated, at the time, a negative impact of eight million euros on revenue.

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