Between January 4 and 11, 2023, "the biggest price increases were recorded, above all, in fish".

The products with the highest increases were:

Horse mackerel (plus 11%);

Perch (plus 10%);

Flour for cakes (plus 7%);

Tomato pulp (plus 6%);

Salmon (plus 5%);

Orange (plus 4%);

Spaghetti (plus 3%);

Cauliflower (plus 3%).

The price of food continues to rise and, currently, a basket of essential food goods can cost Portuguese families 224.95 euros, which is the highest value recorded since the beginning of last year, according to weekly monitoring by DECO Protest.

DECO recalls that, a year ago (January 12, 2022), the same basket cost 188.40 euros, minus 36.55 euros (minus 19.40%).