The GNR in Coimbra is searching for a 61-year-old British man, 6ft tall, who is missing in the Coimbra area. The report was made by his partner on 19 January. The missing man suffers from mental illness and "may be lost and disorientated".

This is not the first time this man has gone missing, but according to his partner, Valerie Hilton, he has never been absent for so long. “He takes medication for his mental health problems and has his medication with him. He does drink a lot of alcohol. He suffers from bad depression and takes tablets for depression and anxiety and also takes an antipsychotic medication”.

According to the description that his partner posted on Facebook: “He was possibly wearing a grey fleece jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms, and black wool hat. He has a shaved head, wears several bracelets, and has tattoos on his left chest and left arm. He was also wearing a gold wedding ring on his right ring finger”.

At this moment, no further information is available. If you have any information on where this man might be, please contact GNR Coimbra directly.