Snow has today closed some roads in the central massif of Serra da Estrela and, in other parts of the country, the low temperatures are also leading to snow, with many people sharing images on social media.

In Serra da Estrela, at 00:00, car traffic has been banned on sections number 11 (Piornos - Torre), 12 (Torre - Torre) and 13 (Torre - Lagoa Comprida) and, at 06:15, traffic was cut off on section 1 (Portela do Arão - Lagoa Comprida) and 2 (Lagoa Comprida - Sabugueiro).

A source from the Sub-Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command of Beiras and Serra da Estrela told Lusa that there was no "forecast" this morning for the reopening of road sections.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) has extended the yellow warning, which already covered Faro and Beja, to the districts of Lisbon and Setúbal due to the forecast of heavy rain and occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms.

The districts of Beja, Faro, Lisbon and Setúbal will remain under a yellow warning until 3 pm today.