Compared to last year, the increase is 8%, close to the average inflation of 8.3% that Spain recorded in 2022.

In five years, the Spanish minimum wage, paid in 14 instalments per year, rose from 735.7 euros in 2018 to 1,080 euros in 2023, coinciding with the leadership of the Spanish Government by the current prime minister, the socialist Pedro Sánchez.

The Labour portfolio is in the hands of one of the ministers of Unidas Podemos, who is also the second vice-president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, who underlined that one of the coalition's commitments was to increase the minimum wage in Spain to 60% of the average salary in the country.

The increase to 1,080 euros in 2023, which Sánchez had already announced on January 31 and which was approved today by the Council of Ministers, fulfils this promise, said Yolanda Díaz, who estimated that 2.5 million people receive the minimum salary in Spain.

According to Bank of Spain estimates, 10% of the salaried population in the country earns the minimum wage, which is equivalent to just over 2 million people.