"Once the review of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Plan has been completed, which will be approved on the 23rd at the meeting of the national civil protection commission, the objective is to look at the Special Plan for Seismic Risk in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon and Neighboring Municipalities and also at the Special Seismic Risk Plan for the Algarve", said Patrícia Gaspar.

The Secretary of State said that it will bring together "these two plans in a single instrument", based on the updated study of the seismic component in the territory.

For the minister, it is "much more useful and effective" to combine these two plans, which are an instrument to support the civil protection system for operational management in the event of an earthquake.

The Secretary of State responded to PSD deputy Ofélia Ramos on the seismic risk plans, which were last updated on the website of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC) in 2018.

The Secretary of State said that these plans are "reviewed and updated whenever necessary" when there is "prior knowledge of real situations" and with regard to updating means, resources, and contracts, which are "the main components of the plans and can help with a possible response".