In 2023, the year in which Portugal qualified for the World Rugby Championship for the second time in its history, the JLL Group will once again sponsor three of Portugal's sports clubs: Grupo Desportivo Direito, Centro Desportivo Universitário de Lisboa (CDUL) and Agronomia Rugby.

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Rugby is a sport whose values and positioning align with those of the with those of the real estate consultancy firm. In addition to team spirit, this sport promotes ethics, excellence and diversity. But more importantly, rugby has been a strong driving force in the growth and visibility of Portugal, registering exponential growth over the years.

"It is important for us to support causes in which we can review our values and this is one of those examples. Rugby is one of the sports that best represents the sense of teamwork and excellence, qualities that we value", affirmed CEO of JLL Pedro Lancastre.

"Moreover, supporting this sport is totally in line with one of our main pillars in Portugal, which focuses on corporate social responsibility, as a sport that promotes not only physical but also mental health," he concludes.

"By supporting rugby, we are preserving a sporting tradition that has lasted, in this case already more than 70 years. In this way we are creating synergies that allow us to inspire young people, on and off the field, with the aim of enhancing their ambitions. This reinforces our mission to create inspiring spaces for companies, but also for people", says Carlos Cardoso, Managing Partner at Tétris.

With the JLL brand, the consultancy will support Grupo Desportivo Direito and Agronomia Rugby and, with the brand Tétris, design and construction department of JLL, the Centro Desportivo.

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At the end of the championship, the JLL Cup will also be awarded to the team with the highest number of points to be counted in the matches between the three clubs.

For more information please visit the clubs official Instagram pages:

Agronomia Rugby

Centro Desportivo Universitário de Lisboa (CDUL)

Grupo Desportivo Direito