"In relation to earthquakes, my statement has to do with the excellent preparation of our civil protection team, the excellent preparation of our firefighters and the excellent preparation of our engineers", said Carlos Moedas (PSD).

The mayor of Lisbon said that the capital is "extremely prepared" for the possibility of an earthquake similar to the one that happened last week in Turkey and Syria, including a tsunami warning system.

"I would like to leave here some reassurance about the preparation that Lisbon has in relation to potential earthquakes, and we all know that we live in an area of the country where these earthquakes can happen. As a civil engineer and as someone who has worked in this area, our city is extremely prepared after the 1980s, unfortunately not in the oldest neighbourhoods, but very, very prepared in terms of engineering and construction", declared Carlos Moedas (PSD).

As a civil engineer, Carlos Moedas underlined that his experience allows him to state that construction in new areas of the city is "fully prepared", reinforcing that there are "excellent seismic engineers" in the country.

“The situation of our seismic engineering, our regulations in terms of seismic engineering, is not comparable with what is happening, for example, in Turkey or Syria, and, in that sense, we are very well prepared", stressed the mayor.

The municipality of Lisbon has already distributed more than 1,000 'kits' in schools and has a municipal program to promote the seismic resilience of the private and municipal building stock and municipal urban infrastructure, called ReSist.

"We have excellent services, we have excellent preparation, but it is continuous work", noted the mayor, adding that in the city centre, namely in the historic areas, "there is not enough seismic engineering", because they are very old buildings.

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