Slowly but surely, spring is on the way, which means it’s time to switch up your cleaning routine.

To help put the fun into housework, we’ve called in the pros to share their top tips on how to get started…

Plan your clean

“I love a list!” enthuses Laura Harnett, founder of Seep eco-cleaning products.

She recommends planning your pre-spring clean per room, including small tasks on your list – as well as big ones – as they are extra satisfying to tick off.

“Make a playlist of your favourite, upbeat songs, or research podcasts to listen to, to help you fly through tasks when you come to clean,” she says.

“Doing this now means you won’t procrastinate and put off the clean itself. I always get my children involved and ask them to choose three tasks from the list.”

Planning ahead and getting them onboard early will make it feel more of an event when you start, she says. “Just don’t forget to let them know what treats are in store for everyone when the jobs are done.”

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“For an effective declutter ahead of the main spring clean, take everything out of cupboards and drawers, and sort through methodically,” suggests Harnett.

“My simple hack is to put things back where they belong in the home. It’s amazing how many things are spread across the house over a year – books by the bed, kids’ toys in every room, and the cupboard under the sink ends up cluttered with all sorts.

“When everything’s in its right place, you can see exactly what you have”, Harnett continues. “Then, decide what to keep or donate to charity.”

Organise kitchen cupboards and the fridge

A well-organised cupboard and a clean fridge will free up a load of space.

Laura Mountford, AKA Laura Cleanaholic, says: “Empty each cupboard one by one – tackle one a day, to keep it manageable. Get rid of any out-of-date items and give cupboards a wipe down.”

She recommends investing in jars, containers, baskets, dividers or hooks to help make the space work for you – and keep it tidier for longer.

Use disinfectant sprays

“Disinfectant sprays are a cupboard staple when it comes to adding that final touch of freshness to your pre-spring cleaning routine, especially in your bathroom or kitchen,” says Olivia Young, Astonish’s cleaning chemist.

“However, there are more uses for them than you’d think.” For example, Young says cleaning your radiators with a disinfectant spray will fill the house with a fresh and pleasant scent when you turn them on.

She also recommends cleaning your welcome mat with disinfectant to ensure your house smells amazing as soon as people walk through the door.

“Disinfectant is also useful for removing unpleasant odours from bins, which can otherwise be hard to get rid of,” suggests Young. “Simply spray concentrated disinfectant onto a cotton wool pad and place in the bottom of your bin.”

Gift your greenery

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“Give houseplants some love and a new lease of life by repotting any that have outgrown their old containers, and trim off any old stems,” says Mountford. “Plant pots are a great way to inject some newness into your home decor – and you don’t need to spend a fortune.

“You can always find gorgeous pots on Facebook Marketplace, or in charity shops, then paint to your own style.”

While you’re at it, pop plants in the bath and give them a gentle shower, which will also remove dust.

Invest in practical storage solutions

To make your wardrobe space work more efficiently, switch out bulky hangers for slimline, add hooks to the inside of cupboard doors and use drawer dividers to organise items, says Mountford.

“Buy vacuum bags for storing bulky items, such as winter duvets, blankets and coats – and free up more space.”