“We are going to be affected by an air mass with a polar origin. Temperatures will drop significantly, especially taking into account that last week we had above average temperatures and therefore this abrupt drop will be felt more strongly”, said the meteorologist from the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

According to Jorge Ponte, the drop in temperature, the minimum, and maximum, will also be felt due to the increase in wind intensity, especially in the coastal strip and in the highlands.

“Some precipitation is also expected, with snow above 600 to 800 metres from the end of today. We are going to have minimum temperatures of 6 to 8 degrees in the Lisbon area, from 2 to 4 in Porto and negative in the interior north and centre region, for which cold weather warnings have already been issued,” he said.

The IPMA issued a yellow warning for the districts of Bragança, Viseu, Guarda, and Vila Real between 00:00 on Thursday and 09:00 on Friday due to the persistence of low minimum temperatures.

“For tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a sharp drop in temperature between 5 and 10 degrees compared to the previous days. We will have maximums of 12 to 13 degrees in Lisbon, on the coast between 12 and 14, higher in the southern region, and inland below 10 degrees at least until Saturday”, he explained.

According to Jorge Ponte, the temperatures will remain low. Until at least the weekend.