In a statement, the GNR states that the operation was carried out as part of the surveillance of the coast and the fight against drug trafficking by sea, having seized a high-speed vessel, 12 meters long and with three engines, approximately 100 bales of hashish, and a five-metre pleasure craft with “a high-powered engine”.

“Following an alert from the Guardia Civil surveillance teams (22 February) to a high-speed vessel, steps were taken that allowed the interception, with the collaboration of the patrolling and maritime interception team of the Coastal Control sub-detachment of Vila Real de Santo António.

According to the GNR, the suspected vessel was already empty when the military arrived at the scene, with no crew on board and in Spanish territory, and the agents verified “the presence of small vessels in the vicinity, which sought to escape from the GNR by sea”.

The Coastal Control Unit (UCC) of the GNR, through the Coastal Control sub-detachment of Vila Real de Santo António, intercepted one of these vessels, flying the Spanish flag, with two suspected crew members.

“All seizures and detentions were the responsibility of the Guardia Civil, the territorially competent authority”, concludes the GNR.