The organisation proposes that a digital driving license be created, a pioneering document worldwide.

According to a report by NM, in order to simplify the recognition of driving licenses between Member States, the digital driving license will facilitate the "replacement, renewal or exchange of the driving license, since all procedures will be available online".

As explained in a statement, the European Commission states that "it will also be easier for citizens of third countries with comparable road safety standards to exchange their driving license for an EU driving license".

In addition to this introduction, new rules will also be indicated in this new proposal from the European Commission. If approved, young aspiring drivers will be able to take the exam and start driving while accompanied in cars and trucks from the age of 17.

The European Commission also wants a probationary period of at least two years for newly licensed drivers after passing the driving test and a zero-tolerance rule for driving under the influence of alcohol, as well as a better adaptation of the training and testing of drivers to better prepare them for the presence of vulnerable road users.

The European Commission also wants to broaden the scope of the most flagrant road traffic offenses and punish more severely anyone who may fail to comply in the following situations:

  • Not keeping a sufficient safety distance from the vehicle in front;
  • Dangerous overtaking;
  • Dangerous parking;
  • Crossing one or more continuous lines;
  • Driving in the wrong direction;
  • Driving an overloaded vehicle.

"These additions will contribute to reducing impunity in the case of these offenses and to improving the ability of Member States to punish offenders from other Member States. The equal treatment of resident and non-resident drivers will also be ensured in this way", says a statement.