The price of a basket of essential food goods rose last week, to 230.38 euros, which is the highest price since DECO Proteste started monitoring these prices, about a year ago.

"Despite the slowdown in the rise in the inflation rate for four consecutive months, food prices have not stopped rising. A basket with 63 essential food products in the pantry of most families can now cost 230.38 euros. The price has never been so high”.

According to DECO, comparing the total cost of the basket this week with the price registered on February 23, 2022, the increase is 25.46%, that is, another 46.75 euros.

Compared to March 2, 2022, the increase is 45.21 euros, i.e. 24.41 percentage points.

"Fruits and vegetables are the category that has gone up the most. Between February 23, 2022 and March 1, 2023, a basket of fruits and vegetables has already increased by 34.16%, now costing 8.06 euros more, or that is, 31.67 euros", says DECO.

Dairy products, in turn, increased by 27.41%, and buying packages of sliced cured cheese, sliced Flemish cheese, semi-skimmed milk, salted butter, flavoured yogurts, liquid yogurts and eggs can represent an expense of almost 15 euros.