“What I talk about with various segments of activity, from Rent-A-Car, Golf, Tourist Animation, Tourist Accommodation, all are reporting that they have higher reservations than they had in this same period in 2019, ” said João Fernandes.

According to the president of RTA, the results of the first months of 2023 were positive, as shown by the passenger numbers which landed in the Algarve, which “are a record in January and February”.

"January is the peak of the low season, it is the lowest month usually and we are having great results," said João Fernandes, noting that this level of demand for what is usually considered to be the weakest month of the year, "is fabulous".

João Fernandes added that he is “cautiously optimistic”, since, he explained, one must be “very attentive to international realities” that can change all positive expectations.